Friday, August 11, 2017

Season 2017-18

All the info re Matches and Open Competitions that we have to date have now been put on the website and the card is at the printers.

Look forward to seeing everyone soon.

Wednesday, August 9, 2017

Season 2017-18

Our website now has details of the teams for next season and our club fixtures.

There are one or two points still to be clarified with the Ice Rink re our outside matches and competitions so these have not yet been published.

Tuesday, March 14, 2017

Frame Salver and AGM

Runaway winners in the Frame Salver were the rink skipped by New President Ernest Mutter, with David Gray, Bert McKay and Anne Hay.  A great start to his Presidential year!

Mind you, one of the other teams was handicapped when Peter Kennedy decided to use Richard Morrison's glasses and found eventually that they should have gone to Specsavers!

Frame Salver Winners 2017
Bert McKay,Anne Hay, Ernest Mutter (skip), David Gray
After an excellent meal from Passion Caterers, the AGM commenced. The club remembered with a few moments of silence the sad loss of Bob Henderson, Bob Grassom and Hon President Roy Penny.

Hon. President Jim Lyburn

Our new Honorary President was confirmed as Jim Lyburn.  It was great to see Jim back and he spoke eloquently of times past and how he was delighted to be our new Hon President.

The other office bearers were confirmed as:

President               Ernest Mutter
Vice President       Peter Kennedy
Secretary               Peter Galloway
Treasurer               Ronnie Wilson

Committee            Bert McKay, Anne Hay, David Gray and Jimmy Niblock.

Representative to RCCC                     Robert Boyd
Representative to Eglinton Jug            Jim Lyburn

Office Bearers in Action

Full minutes of our AGM have now been published in the minutes page (on the right, or by clicking here), but the following excerpts will be of interest.

Our Club subscription will increase from £23 to £24. Members whose mother club is the Gangrels will, in addition, pay the current RCCC subscription.

Our preferred ice time will remain as 5.00 on Mondays and Peter will try to secure as many ice times as possible for that time.

The club would be happy to subsidise juniors to play as reserves. Secretary to investigate.

The committee will arrange a date for a club "Bring a friend to curling" session. Success of this very dependant on every member bringing along a friend.

Presentation of Prizes

Fraser Cup Winners
 Euan Lawrence, Ken Ross (skip), Bob Cherry (and Francis McCrossin)

President's Cup Winners
 Euan Lawrence, Bob Cherry (skip), Ken Ross, (and Francis McCrossin)
Drew Duncan Quaich Winners
Jim Dunlop, Bert McKay, Jimmy Niblock (skip),and Willie Scott
Pairs Competition
The Two Ronnies - Peat and Wilson
Points Competition
Shared between Ronnie Peat and Bob Cherry
Kirkbride Rosebowl
Jim Dunlop, Robert Boyd (skip),  Bert McKay and Jimmy Niblock
Sportsman's Award
Bert McKay

Monday, March 6, 2017

Points Competition

Bob Cherry and Ronnie Peat tied with 20 points each at the top of the standings after a good points competition this evening. In third place was Euan Lawrence with 17 points.

The 13 players were split into two sections and we only played one stone in each direction so as to ensure all the disciplines were completed.

Bob and Ronnie will share the trophy.

Sincere thanks to Ken Ross, Ronnie Wilson, Peter Galloway and Jimmy Begg who expertly handled the scoring.

Sunday, March 5, 2017

Kennedy Pairs Results

This year the Kennedy Pairs was played as a knock out competition, with 16 Gangrels paired off in 8 teams of two.

First Round results were;

1.   H Peters & E Mutter                      3
2.   P Galloway & D Hope                    0

3.   G. Hay & B. Cherry                         2
4.   R. Boyd & W. Scott                         3

5.   J. Begg and D Gray                         1
6.   R. Peat & R. Wilson                        4

7.   E. Lawrence & S. McFadzean       2
8    F. McCrossin & P. Reynolds           1

After a snack lunch the semi finals were as follows:

Harry Peters and Peter Galloway      3
Robert Boyd and Willie Scott           4

Euan Lawrence & Steel McFadzean 2
Ronnie Peat & Ronnie Wilson          3

Pairs Finalists 2017
The final was a very close game. The two Ronnies took a 2 at the first end but Euan and Willie scored a 1 at the second.  The final end had a lot of stones in play. Ronnie Peat played a tap back to lie shot with his penultimate stone and Robert narrowly failed to change things,  Final score 3 - 1 to Ronnie Peat & Ronnie Wilson.

Tuesday, February 28, 2017

Robert Boyd wins Kirkbride Rosebowl - Day League D Report

Robert Boyd and his rink of Jimmy Niblock, Bert McKay and Jim Dunlop won the Kirkbride Rosebowl last night, beating Peter Galloway's rink by 7 shots to 6.

The losing skip has commented

"It was a hard fought game played in the best of Gangrels fashion with each end coming down to the Skips having to do something special to secure the end and in Robert's case that also won the competition!"

Congratulations are also due to Peter for qualifying for the Day League D Knock Out Final. Yesterday at lunchtime, along with Euan Lawrence, Richard Morrison and Donald Cattenach, they beat Troon Portland by 7 shots to 3.  

The team have had an excellent year, winning 6 out of their 7 games in League D, thereby winning the League and gaining promotion to Division C next year. Congratulations to all for a magnificent performance.

Tuesday, February 21, 2017

Kikbride Rosebowl Semi Final

Peter Galloway's rink won their semi final in the Rosebowl against Ken Ross last night by a score of 6 shots to 2. Peter had David Hope and Willie Scott is his team and was well up after the first 5 ends.

The Final is on Monday 27th when Peter will meet Robert Boyd.


13 Feb 17
at 8.30 pm


20 Feb 17
at 5.00 pm


27 Feb 17
at 6.00 pm

R. Boyd


P. Reynolds

Ken Ross

Peter Galloway


Robert Boyd

P. Galloway


E. Mutter

Peter Galloway

R. Morrison


K. Ross

Robert Boyd